About South India

South India is a general term for a region located in south of India which is geographically, linguistically, and culturally different.

From a geographical point of view, South India is south of Satpura mountain Range, Narmada river and the Vindya range, it also includes Deccan Plateau, the East Ghats mountain range, and the West ghats mountain range.

South India includes the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Lakshadweep and Puducherry, Andaman and Nicobar Islands from linguistic, cultural, and political perspectives. Residents of this region are called "South Indians" (English in South Indians).

South India tends to be linguistically and culturally distinguished as a place of Dravidian people, but many Aryans and Konkani who are not Dravidians also live in south India. The Dravidians also live in many places, widely in other parts of India, Sri Lanka, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Madagascar etc.

"South Indians" refers to people who have originated in South India by meaning, but often refers as Dravidians. However, people other than Dravidians also live in South India.

In India, the language and living culture are very closely related, so People are ethnically simply divided according to the language they use. Accordingly People resident in South India are largely Tamil people, Telugu people, Malayalam people and Kannada people etc. These language belong to Dravidian family, but Konkani do not belong to Dravidian language family, but it belongs to Indo-Aryan language family.

South Indian Food

The Indian Peninsula has extensive land in the east, west, north and south, and its area is about nine times as large as Japan. Its food culture varies widely only in India with that extent.

South Indian cuisine is a dish that is eaten in an area centered on the 4 southern states of the Indian peninsula. The biggest feature is that vegetarian meals are central. Besides, in northern India, an animal menu is conspicuous, and the two areas are quite the opposite taste.


Pancake made with rice flour, which can be eaten mainly as breakfast or snack of South Indian cuisine. Eat various chatnies, sambal and curry. In English, it is sometimes written as Idly, Iddly, Idlis. There are things called fluffy, meaning pancakes.

One example of a recipe is to make a dough with rice flour, beetle powder, baking powder, salt and mold it into a special steaming container mold and steam it.


"Dorsa" to eat with crepe-like fabric on sambal curry and chutney (paste mixed with coconut and blue pepper) made of vegetables and beans. Masala · Dosa wrapped potatoes with spices and fried stuffed with daosa, Paper · Dosa thinly burned by scraping off the unburned part of the dough stretched in the course of baking · Godumay · Whole flour powder added to the dough · You can taste various doos including Dorcer, Lava Dosa with semolina, Ragi Dosa with Shikoku Beef powder, Sweet Vera Dosa with Jaggery (brown sugar) added. The crispy texture becomes crisp.


Biriyani (Biryani, biriani or beriani) is a type of Indian cuisine made from spice and rice (usually basmati rice), meat, fish, eggs and vegetables. The difference between the same rice dish, Prao and Biliyani, is that Prao cooks from raw rice, while Biriyan is to make rice and curry (meat or vegetable curry) separately. Particularly laying rice and curry in layers in the process of Biriyani is very important to create a fragrant dish of curry and rice.

Chicken Biriyani

"Chicken biriyani" in which the irregular spicyness becomes habitable. In Indian style rice cooked rice with seasoned indian slices of rice, vegetables, and beans spiced with spice, which is said to be basmati rice, we cook accompanied chicken curry or salt yogurt writer and eat it. Often sold out in limited quantities often! A salad will also come with you.


For North Indian cuisine set meal, Tarry, the same meal of South Indian cuisine is called Meals. In Tamil, in Sappadu (Full meals) meaning luxurious course meal, a large coir mat is laid on the floor, leaves of banana are prepared one by one for each customer. Banana leaves mainly include rice, banana, yam, lassam, sambar soup, spicy variety of curry and stew etc. are served.

Beside, salt and seasoned dishes to cook, various chatnies, desserts Payasam, Kesari (Kesari), sweet Pongar.

Together with rice, papados and pulleys are sometimes placed. In the case of non vegetarian dishes, meat and seafood pottery is placed.

Confectionery is served from the beginning and can be eaten during meals as a reminder of excitement of spicy food.


Rasam (Rasam) = Sour sour soup made with lentils powder and special spices called Serna pudi. Veggies are popular, but there are also non-bodies that contain meat and seafood. When selling at Mears, do not put out Lassam.


Sambar are soup with spices that can be eaten in South India. Make a tomato (Toor Dhal) and vegetables simmered. There are many seasonal vegetables to be used, and various things such as eggplant, radish, okra, pumpkin, etc. are used alone or in combination.

It is compatible with rice and is served for almost every meal. It also comes as a side dish for dishes such as Mirs and Dosa. It is like a Japanese miso soup.